Welcome to website of ANDANTE BANDOG KENNELS, breeding station of Bandogs ( Bandogge). We are a family of artists Petra Toth ( and Patrik Joba M.A., winemakers and dog breeders living in picturesque Slovak-Hungary village in Slovakia (Europe). We are focused on breeding of outstanding Bandogs, which are considered as „top of dog breeding". Only few of dog breeders have had a opportunity to see real Bandog and only few extraordinary people have a chance to own it. Let us introduce you real rare dog breed which literally will shock you and your family by its devotion, love and steadiness. We wish you to find what you have really been looking for, like we did.

Andante Bandog Kennels-K9 breed under partnership with On/Off Bandogs Greece: Andante (Slovakia), On/Off Bandogs (Greece), Lucero´s WCK9 (USA) and Thunderdome (USA) working Bandogs bloodlines. Andante Bandog Kennels is a member of Lucero Bandog (Working Class K9) Owners Club: (Private group for those who own Bandogs from Joseph Lucero's kennel ,or offspring of Lucero Bandogs to other Bandogs).We strive to produce dogs with superb elbow and hip health, solid nerves, strong temperaments with good social aggression yet social and very highly driven overall. Our dogs were selected for the quality of their genetics as proven, consistent strains of working guard dogs. Our Bandogs are physically very strong and athletic with a lot of power in the protection. Nice full hard bites and strong hits on the long attacks.






Andante Bandog Kennels, is well-known breeding station of Bandogs "Bandogge". Our priority is to provide comprehensive services for breeders for public and breeders-specialists, regarding breeding real Bandog  and its main functions in defending persons, and given territory. Andante Bandog Kennels is specialized on selective and high quality breeding of Bandogs of unique bloodlines for work. We are actively cooperating with globally recognized dog breeders and have scientific dialog on global level. Andante Bandog Kennels produces puppies of highest quality and specialize on selective breeding and training extremely good dogs intended mainly for critical situations, for defense of persons and property. We provide comprehensive FBS - "Full Bandog Service" for elite and specialized units, security agencies, police and military corps in K9 as well as for private persons, that want to own perfect family darling and on the other hand extremely trustworthy bodyguard and defender their property.


                                                                                   „Bandog is elite dog for elite people!"

What are legends? What is excellence? And lastly what separates extraordinary from ordinary? The answer to these questions are the same. Europe´s very own Andante Bandog Kennels have concocted a masterpiece with the help of On/Off Bandogs Greece and together superiority will be made! On/Off Bandogs Greece combines the most exclusive and rare combinations of bloods, the world famous Lucero´s Working Class K9 blood mixed with one of the most consistent Thunderdome Kennel bloodlines in the Bandog world!

The main focus in our kennel is to breed physically and mentally enormous strong and healthy Bandogs with great working qualities. Our kennel is not a typical or traditional Bandog kennel. We are very selective and specialized in breeding working Bandogs with great muscle mass, heavy bones, huge heads and overall proportional look. This is why we work with the best of the best bloodlines from the top Bandog kennels: On/Off Bandogs Greece Kennel, Lucero´s Working Class K9 (USA- California) and Thunderdome Kennel (USA- New York). We keep our dogs in house and spend muchtime and energy to keep them happy. Our dogs and puppies will be well educated and socialized to become the ultimate family companions.


                                                              Julius K9